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Black Waste

Whale’s manual and electric black waste pumps and accessories ensure reliable, hassle-free waste management where you really need it.

Black Waste Pumps

Get the ultimate reliability where it matters most, with Whale’s leading black waste pumps for toilets without the need for a macerator.

Black Waste Accessories

Complete your black waste management system with our range of complementary accessories.

Product Support Videos

Explore our in-depth product support and service videos.

Black Waste FAQs

What makes the Sanitation pump better for black waste?

Nitrile rubber has higher abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals/ hydrocarbons with the enclosed nature preventing odours.

Are the position of the inlet and outlet ports adjustable for the Sanitation Pump?

They can be rotated in increments of 45 degrees by removing the front cover and re-installing it in the desired position.

Can the Gulper Toilet Pump be fitted with elbows?

90 degree bends should be avoided on both inlet and outlet.

Is the Gulper Toilet Pump able to be connected directly to the toilet as well as to a holding tank?

Yes, the Gulper Toilet pump can be used within vacuum systems.

Can the Universal be used to pump Black Waste?

Both the Universal and Sanitation pumps can be used equally well in bilge & black waste applications.

What should be looked at if a pump fails to prime or chokes?

Air leaks or blockages in the inlet hose, a torn diaphragm, dirt under valves or distorted valves and collapse of the inlet hose during the suction stroke.