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Award-Winning Bilge Pumps

Keep your bilge dry all year round with our award-winning range of electric and manual bilge pumps. From the iconic Gusher range to the Supersubs, all Whale pumps are built for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use, always matching up to even the toughest conditions.

Electric Bilge Pumps

From ground-breaking designs through to recent innovative leaps in smart technology Whale’s electric bilge pumps provide the ultimate peace of mind.

Manual Bilge Pumps

Over 70 years of proven expertise in manual bilge. Whale’s range of tough, long-life manual bilge systems have always put safety and reliability first.

Bilge Accessories

Peace of mind is all in the detail. Browse our range of bilge accessories for a complete system you can depend on.

Product Support Videos

Explore our in-depth product support and service videos.

Whale Marine Bilge Pumps FAQs

What level will our automatic pumps drain down to?

All of our automated bilge sensors will switch on at an approx. height of 50mm. Installation dependant, submersible (Supersub & Orca) pumps will drain to as little as 9mm, the remote mounted Gulper (Bilge IC) will potentially drain down to 6mm.

Should I fit a neoprene or nitrile diaphragm?

The neoprene kit would be recommended if the diaphragm is exposed to sunlight, higher temps, nitrile usually if it is away from sunlight, any diesel involved etc.

What are the typical hose specifications for bilge pumps?

Usually inch or inch and a half flexi hose, secured by jubilee clips.

Why are some pumps yellow and some blue?

A yellow colour denotes a sensor incorporated into the pump to allow for automatic function, blue pumps require additional switches.

What is the main difference between an impeller driven pump and a diaphragm pump?

Diaphragm pumps are self primimng, impeller driven will need to be primed/ submerged.

Is the MKV service kit applicable to Henderson MKIII or MKIV pumps?

The diaphragm from the AK8050 will fit a Mark III & IV, if any of the other valves needed replaced you would have to replace the front body via service kit AS0522.