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Marine Plumbing

Save time and money with our Quick Connect fittings and pipework. Benefit from a simple, two-step process that providesa fully watertight connection without the need for specialist tools.

Quick Connect Plumbing System

Whale Quick Connect fittings enable fast and simple installation, resulting in quality, dependable plumbing systems for marine applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pipework sizes are available?

Colour coded semi-rigid pipework is available in 12 mm, 15 mm, and 22 mm sizes

What are the maximum temp and pressure ratings?

6 bar at 65°C, 12 bar at 20°C, hot and cold respectively.

What thread sizes are used?

Predominantly BSP with NPT and GHT featuring also, within the range of 3/8" to 3/4".

Are collet clips required?

Clips are not necessary and therefore reduce installation time.

Can alternative pipe (Hep2O, for example) be used with our Quick Connect fittings?

Our Quick Connect system has been designed specifically to work alongside our Whalex pipework, so wouldn't recommend alternatives.

Is any Lead present in our brass fittings?

All brass connectors are lead-free as per USA federal regulations.