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Keep your fishing trips simple with our Gulper fishbox and baitwell products. No filters, no clogging, and no motor burn out. Just reliable waste management, the Whale way.


Discover our non-clog Gulper Grouper range for fishbox and baitwell installations – handling fish waste efficiently, with no risk of motor burnout.

Livewell Product Overview

Learn more how Whale improves your life on the water with this walkthrough of our livewell fishing products.

Fishbox FAQs

Can the Gulper Grouper pump be situated above the fishbox tank?

We recommend below the tank to prevent any clogging of the valves.

Can the Gulper Grouper pump be mounted horizontallay or vertically?

Yes, the main criteria for installation is to ensure the pump head is level with or lower than the motor housing. This is to prevent any leak/ moisture/ standing water etc that may occur from interfering with the motor/ electrics.

Can the pump be run continuosly?

Much like any motor, if you run it continuously at it’s maximum output, it will not last it’s intended lifetime. The gulper pumps can run without issue for extended periods, and dry, without causing any damage to the pump.

Is the clamping ring replacement kit the same as the one for the Gulper 220?

Yes, the AS1562 will replace the clamping ring on any Gulper Pump.

Will a Gulper 320 diaphragm replace the one for a Gulper Grouper Pump?

Diaphraghams are all interchangeable within the Gulper range.

Are bleach/ chemicals ok to use on this system?

Unfortunately, aggressive chemicals like bleach/ oneshot will prematurely wear out the rubber valves.