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Freshwater Systems

Whale’s freshwater range includes the highest quality marine-grade electric and manual pumps, and a full range of accessories to deliver a smooth and consistent on-board freshwater supply.

Faucets, Showers & Deck Showers

Keep the fresh water flowing with Whale’s faucets, showers, and deck showers – bringing instant freshwater anywhere on-board.

Manual Freshwater Galley Pumps

Bring fresh water into the galley with Whale’s manual galley pumps, delivering a consistent flow with minimal footprint.

Electric Freshwater Galley Pumps

Bring a smooth and consistent flow of fresh water into the galley with Whale’s electric galley pumps.

Freshwater Accessories

Keep the freshwater flowing with our range of complementary accessories for a complete system.

Product Support Videos

Explore our in-depth product support and service videos.

Frequently asked questions

Can the pumps be used with saltwater?

They are suitable for use with saltwater and freshwater.

Should a filter be fitted?

An inlet filter should always be used to protect an electric pressure pump from debris/ contaminants.

Does my electric pressue pump need an accumulator?

The pump will operate on its own, but an accumaulator will smooth out the flow and prevent unnecessary cycling, thereby extending the pump's life.

What is the cut-in pressure compared to the cut-out?

Cut-in will be approximately 0.6 bar below the cut-out.

What presseure should I set an accumulator at?

Pressure should be set 0.5 bar below the pump cut-out.

Can I adjust the cut-out pressure?

The cut-out pressure is adjustable on Universal pumps, but not Watermaster Pumps.