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Keep your caravan or motorhome comfortable in all seasons with Whale’s space heaters. Our range delivers total flexibility, featuring reliable options for both gas and electric applications.


Whale provides a market-leading range of gas and electric space heaters to provide all your home comforts while you’re on the road. All while having minimal impact on space and weight.

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Peace of mind is all in the detail. Browse our range of Space Heating accessories for a complete system you can depend on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heat Air easy to install?

For those who are technically-minded, each Heat Air kit comes with a detailed guide providing step-by-step instructions on how to install Heat Air in your conversion. Additionally, watch this space for future installation videos. If you would prefer not to do the installation yourself, please contact your nearest motorhome workshop and they should be able to assist you. NOTE: Any gas installation must be certified by a Qualified Gas Engineer in accordance with BS EN 1949-2011.

How do I decide which Heat Air model to fit?

There is a range of Heat Air models available to fit your needs. Whether you are fitting a camper van, or a panel van, there is a model available to meet your needs. Each model is differentiated by heat output and fuel source - the larger the van, the higher the heat output can be. If you are camping off-grid, a gas-operated heater would be the most suitable. If you plan on using campsites, you can choose the gas and electric option, which gives an additional 3kW electric power.

Is Heat Air suitable for off-grid camping?

Absolutely, all Heat Air models come with the capability to operate on gas, ensuring that you have warmth and comfort in your vehicle, no matter how far off grid you are. While operating the heating on gas mode, Heat Air has the benefit of drawing a very modest current (as little as 0.6 amp) on the low gas setting.


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