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Water Pumps & Supply

With more than 60 years’ experience producing water supply products for caravans and motorhomes, developing reliable and user-friendly products is core to what we do.

Electric Pumps

Simple and compact electric solutions for reliable water supply on or off-grid.

Manual Pumps

Manual hand and foot-operated pumps for use anytime, anywhere.

Water Pump Accessories

Complete your Whale system with our range of complementary accessories for water pumps and water supply products.

Product Support Videos

Explore our in-depth product support and service videos.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Superfil Pump kit used for?

If you have our Easi Slide socket fitted with 12V connection, you can use our Whale Super Fil pump kit to fill your onboard tank from an outside water source such as a Aqua roll or Jerry Can. This means if you run out of water you don’t have the inconvenience of decamping to the nearest water tap.

Should I use a submersible or pressure pump?

Each pump has its own individual features and benefits that can suit your needs. Whale Submersible pumps are easy to use, compact, quiet, inexpensive and come in 3 different options - standard flow (10.3 litres/min), premium flow(13.2 litres /min) and high flow (15.8 litres/min). The Watermaster Onboard pump (8 litres/min) is mounted within your vehicle, providing a smooth and consistent flow, has an in-built pressure switch, runs dry without damage and has a long-life expectancy.

Which is quieter, a submersible or pressure pump?

A submersible pump is a centrigual pump which uses an impeller, with only a single mechanical component moving, meaning it is very quiet when operating. A pressure pump is easy to install and is very reliable, but isn't as quiet as a submersible pump.

When should I use a pressure switch or surge damper?

The Whale Pressure Switch can be used when a submersible pump is fitted in your vehicle. It detects when the water pressure drops as you open a tap and then in turn it switches the pump on. A pressure switch can be used with any tap, meaning you are not limited to what taps are available on the market.